Amani Village Of Hope (UK)

Registered Charity Number 1164789


Amani Village of Hope is a non-denominational Christian charity with the primary goal of demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need through a direct response to the words of Jesus in Matthew Ch 25 v 35 - 40.

The mission is to bring hope to the hopeless and AMANI (or peace) to those who have been forgotten or rejected by society.


Amani Village of Hope has the vision of an oasis where the orphan is welcomed into a loving family and provided with hope and a future, the abused and broken are restored, the outcasts are accepted, the lost are saved, the street child is rehabilitated, the widow knows she is not forgotten, the sick are healed, the poor receive the love of God and that ultimately God is glorified and honoured and His Kingdom is displayed on earth.


The overall goal for Amani Village of Hope is to provide holistic Christian transformational development to those most in need as well as the wider community.

AmaniVH aims to eventually become fully self-sufficient and sustainable through numerous income generating projects which would support the needs of all the ministries and outreaches both within the centre and surrounding community. Once the 'village' becomes sustainable and has reached its maximum potential, the same model could be used for future branches of Amani Village of Hope throughout Kenya.


AmaniVH is carrying out "holistic development" through recognising that poverty includes physical, material, spiritual and social characteristics and that it is essential to involve the whole person - mind, body and spirit in any development effort.

"Transformational development" is being carried out by addressing the root causes of poverty with a long term view. In deeply impoverished remote rural areas as well as many urban settings, the problems are usually quite complex with challenges such as a lack of infrastructure, basic health care or a clean and reliable water supply. Addressing these difficulties requires AmaniVH to have a long term approach, working in partnership with local people who will initiate and lead a sustained change in their community.

AmaniVH is motivated by its Christian values with love for God and people being at the forefront of everything we say and do. As Christians we believe in extending the gospel in both word and deed through acts of mercy, love and compassion.


1. Holistic care for orphans and other vulnerable or needy children.

2. A rescue centre for street children where they are provided with a home, rehabilitation, counselling, education and where possible reconciliation.

3. A rescue centre for widows who are elderly, sick or destitute and unable to care for themselves.

4. Empowerment and support of widows and individuals living in poverty through the establishment of income generating projects and community development.

5. The provision of education for both the children supported by Amani Village of Hope and children within the surrounding community through a sponsorship programme.

6. The establishment of an Amani Village of Hope Nursery and Primary School.

7. Setting up a community health promotion programme in partnership with community health workers providing home-based care, community outreach, health education and regular follow-up for vulnerable people groups such as HIV positive individuals, malnourished children and the elderly.

8. Disaster relief during times of emergency to relieve the suffering of individuals in the community who are experiencing severe poverty or sickness.

9. The future establishment of an Amani Village of Hope Clinic for under 5s with the aim of treating and significantly reducing malnutrition, malaria and gastrointestinal diseases.

10. The advancement of the Christian faith through evangelism and acts of compassion and outreach and for God to be glorified through everything we say and do.

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